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My final thoughts about the Science4Girls project

While reading the final report of the Science4Girls project Research Study, my thoughts immediately drifted to distant Lisbon, where the first mobility week within the project took place, and to Maribor, where the second mobility week took place. During these two weeks, I broadened my horizons by learning about many interesting things in the field of science and research and learning about new methods of learning and research (learning through drawing, performing short plays, recording video content…).

I learned a lot, especially from other students, with whom I worked during the mobility weeks. During the project, I made more good friends in an extremely short period of time than in the last few years before the project started. I enjoyed learning about different cultures and people’s personalities. After the week in Lisbon, I radically reshuffled my list of priorities and started to engage in hobbies that allow me greater personal growth and development (for example, I started learning Swedish).

I have learned to communicate better and more effectively with people, which comes in really handy. I get in touch with people I don’t know more easily and connect with them faster now. I remember that getting to know strangers before the project was more challenging and stressful for me.

I sincerely thank every individual who helped to establish and execute the project and everyone who allowed me to become a part of this mosaic. I can say without a doubt that the Science4Girls project was the best thing that has happened in my life and will always have a special place in my heart.

Filip Gračner, Slovenia